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In December 1997, I lived one of those life changing moment when a decision you take will certainly change (un peu, beaucoup, passionément) your life. Packed my bag and my hopes, landed in London Heathrow and took a coach to Oxford.

A couple of minutes before entering the bus I bought a compilation cd with some cool tracks that appeared in cool movies (from Bullit to Trainspotting).

Uncut - Reel Music (The Coolest Sounds From The Greatest Movies)

Uncut - Reel Music (The Coolest Sounds From The Greatest Movies)

Then came along this song and it hit me. It became the soundtrack of this trip that taught me so much. Whenever I listen to it, I feel like my old 20 years self.

Hopes and dreams, fears and excitement fill me in.

For more on Bobby Womack, I recommend the video below, Career Retrospective.

His career spanned over decades, here's an example on Bobby Womack sounded like in the 2000s, thanks to a little genius called Damon Albarn.

An acoustic version of that song that still echoes in me.

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