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  • February 1964 : And I Love Her

    28 February 2014 ( #music )

    The following song has been recorded fifty years ago, between the 25th and the 27th of February exactly. Work began at 2:30pm on Tuesday the 25th of February, the first day of the sessions for the Hard Day's Night soundtrack and the accompanying album....

  • Farewell Godfather !

    01 April 2014 ( #music )

    The one who was nicknamed the Godfather of house music, Frankie Knuckles, has left us for better dancefloors. I'm shocked as I imagined him much younger... still, he was only 59. Born in the Bronx in 1955, he became a DJ in the early 1970s with his friend...

  • Across 110th song...

    28 June 2014 ( #music )

    In December 1997, I lived one of those life changing moment when a decision you take will certainly change (un peu, beaucoup, passionément) your life. Packed my bag and my hopes, landed in London Heathrow and took a coach to Oxford. A couple of minutes...

  • He stood up !

    16 June 2014 ( #mad world )

    An indigenous Guarani boy held up a banner reading 'Demarcation Now!' at the World Cup's opening ceremony. One of the three Brazilian children who released white doves during the World Cup opening ceremony used the occasion to demand recognition of Indian...

  • Happy crying !

    15 April 2014 ( #music )

    Such beauty in little things. Sometimes it's right in front of your face and you don't see it. Sometimes it's a fucking earworm that you end up hating because it has been overoveroverplayed on the radios, tvs and the internet. Too commercial, too clean,...

  • A last Sunday in November

    24 November 2013 ( #cinema & images )

    Sunday. November. Doom and gloom. Drizzle of a time. Behind the cold cold window Out for a walk A cup of tea, some biscuits and we were up and around Auvers-sur-Oise for one-hundred and fifty-nine minutes. Merci Monsieur Pialat ! The picture of the little...

  • Alone, together

    22 March 2014 ( #mad world )

    I've been quite touched by the content of the speech below. It talked to me very simply because I recognised myself in almost every word. Here is what it is about : As we expect more from technology, do we expect less from each other? Sherry Turkle studies...

  • My name is Jackie, what's yours ?

    22 November 2013 ( #mad world )

    A little pink spot, slowing moving back atop of a black speeding car. Something in the way she moves... What a cruel and sick parallel I came across this morning. After all, aren't we all little helpless pink spots, not able to stop the slow/fast killing...

  • En anglais !

    21 November 2013 ( #cinema & images )

    ICI BERLIN is already five years old... and it now speaks English. Stay tuned for some ranting about life, laugh, death, universe, music and funny cats videos. In the meantime have some chocolate ! Mmmmh ! Yummy. Now let's hope I'll find something interesting...

  • Bird of Prey

    20 January 2014 ( #cinema & images )

    Clip taken from our series Penguins - Spy in the Huddle (Waddle All The Way) A striated caracara, intrigued by our spy egg-cam, decides to fly off with our camera but in the process captures the first ever aerial footage of a rockhopper penguin colony...

  • The solitude of the Radio DJ

    08 March 2014

    I would like to play this bizarre recording. This is about ten years old and features the BBC Radio Leeds morning show host John Boyd. Unfortunately for him, he has pressed the wrong button on the desk and has ended up patching his microphone to his headphones....

  • Who you gonna call ? Harold Ramis !

    25 February 2014 ( #cinema & images )

    It's 6 am. Rise and shine. And don't forget your booties 'cause it's cold out there today. It's cold out there every day !

  • YOU-kraine ! Україна !

    19 February 2014 ( #mad world )

    Spread the word ! Don't look away ! Please contact your representatives and demand they support the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and democracy. Before it is too late... Watch the photostream on Facebook !